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Posted by Pip

HLD16- Down With The NonSmalls

When you're short and easily stepped on by your neighbors, you tend to stick together. Labor doesn't do well not moving around, but throw in the fact that he's unable to fight, and that just messes him up big time. Of course, the little Vices can leave that fact out when they tell this tale at parties and say it was their brutal attack and vicious name calling that took him down.
I like that guy's spidery legs. Spider legs make so many things in life better.

It's Halloween! I was hoping to have the next episode of the Murdoch game ready for today, but time had other plans. Hopefully in a week or two though, depending on how work goes. All the levels and characters are done, but I need to put in all the dialogue, some story triggers, and give it a legit play test. Here's to hoping you don't have any kids coming by and you get to enjoy that bag of candy all for yourself. I have a bag of Almond Joy's rooting for a repeat of last year's no shows.