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Posted by Pip

HLD17- It Might Be The Squiggly Line

No matter what species you have allegiance to or what dimension you hail from, everybody loves pinatas. Seriously. Everybody. That's just science.
Balance sure knows how to throw a kick butt party too. If anybody is allowed to wildly set off fireworks when drunk, it's an immortal shade that can regenerate limbs. Sure your crazy uncle thinks he can handle it when the Fourth of July booze kicks in, but leave it to the professionals. Or the creatures that have four arms to begin with.

The glory of October has passed us by, but November has started and I just learned that it's Celtic New Years. Pagan science! But still science!
Not much in the way of amusing searches leading to the site but we still have:
“buy animatronic”- What's animatronic isn't specified so I'm hoping people are replacing family members with robots. Who wouldn't like to come home and be greeted by Robot Lincoln?
“i want a piece of the aggro crag”- We all do. We all do...
“dealie bobbers” - Hopefully I added to somebody's Halloween costume.

And our new wallpaper for the month! A holiday staple but one that most of the Sins generally fail at. Hand turkeys!

And of course, the L.U.S.T. numbers winner of the month is...
Tetsamaru of
Again! Come on, gang, let's see some competition here. Congrats to Tetsamaru, but others can still sign up and give her a run for her money!