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The long awaited final original Sin has been revealed. Somewhat. Mostly off camera. In a very bedraggled form more shadowy than real and not befitting his original body. Kind of looks all torn up like Anger in its current crazy state. Hmmm. What does it meeeaaan!?
Just think, he could have been introduced a while ago, but you had to go and like Craving so much and delay her departure!
Pride's lessons are so much more keen than what I got in school. Trigonometry. Pfft. That's nothing compared to ways to defile humanity and vague rules about not beating up little kids. It's okay to do it a little but don't push it. Unless they deserve it.

You may have noticed a fancy new shoutbox underneath this comments section. For those not familiar with it, it's like the unholy union of an instant messenger program and a forum. You can talk to fellow readers and leave messages like in a forum, but you don't have to sign up to use it and it's right there under every comic! Here's to hoping you take advantage of it and it adds to your fun around Sins.
And I can still moderate the chats so keep it clean, be nice, and lay off the spam.

Today was voting day and out of a town of roughly 26,000 people, I showed up a few hours before closing time on my way home from the office and I was voter number 14. The polls had been open for ten hours and only thirteen people actually showed up before I did. In your face, democracy. You don't work!

Quick Review: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Season 1- Another show to add to my list of cartoons I should probably be a little embarrassed about laughing at so much. Flapjack is kiiind of a kids' show but only in the same way that Rocko's Modern Life was when I was a wee one. Kids can enjoy it, but there's a lot there for older people to enjoy or appreciate as well. It has the Ren and Stimpy style close ups for gross out humor, some insane situations, quality dead pan jokes, off the wall secondary characters, and fantastic voice acting (Brian Doyle-Murray! Glee!), but for how wacky and bizarre it gets, it's never annoying like Spongebob.