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Posted by Pip

JB1- Tarot Intermission 1

Egads! Strange new things! It's a non-Pip page! I did an art trade with fellow comic maker Jimmie Brimstone and we're posting the pages now. We drew two pages for each other's comic, so for mine, I wrote him a short setup for some Tarot comics. The Empress is expanding her roster again and clearly the one thing holding conquest out of her reach is a lack of lovable (and marketable!) helpers. The Sins would be nothing without Sloth and his cuddly kind!
Page two will be up on Wednesday and big, big thanks to Jimmie for the trade! His comic is currently in the "coming soon" state, so for now, you can head over to his gallery and bug him to get started. Bribery, hugs, or whipping him with a cat o' nine tails are all choices, so don't let us influence how you choose to spur him on.

For my pages, he wrote me an origin story for a character to appear in his comic. Much like anybody that broke a bone by doing something stupid like tripping over a curb or shutting a door on your hand, he'll have to come up with some kind of awesome lie about how the supernatural world messed with him. Who are these characters, why are dryads so petty, and will our young hero soon champion not only the recycling bin but the compost bin as well? To find out, you're going to have to read Jimmie's comic! The power is yours! To read comics. You can probably pick up trash too. ...Heart!
My pages are posted in the gallery for now:

DDG has updated as well. Click the tab to the left and bask in the almost absurd number of comics posted in this update.