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Posted by Pip

T10- The Cross Is Red… With Blood

Okay, so these new Forces aren’t much in the way of first aid or “helping”, that’s still all right.
So is Lust’s mission to actually kill the Forces or was she just told to get rid of them and she’s using killing as her method? That’s a “dun dun duuun” moment. (That’s also one of the sound effects I need on a recorder I carry around with me. That, a rim shot, and maybe a gong noise or something.) There was an episode of Montel on fighting couples and Montel had them do this thing where you had to open the other person’s hand from a closed fist. Naturally the puzzle was that you were supposed to just ask the person instead of fighting to physically open the fist. Apparently it shows you’re a bad person if you don’t ask and try to do it yourself. No matter how much time goes by that STILL bugs me. That’s like some pop psychology Dr. Phil thing. That annoys me. Greatly. But hey, I’m just a bad person.
Is Montel still on?