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Posted by Pip

FL1- Could Spoon You In The Eye

Doing things a little out of order. Jimmie was a bit swamped so he wasn't able to finish the second page on schedule. So enjoy a regular page for today, we'll get the other fan page Friday, and then back to normality on Monday!

I don't like the look of this one. All small and innocent seeming. Oh he definitely has a knife somewhere!
'Tis the start of a new story arc and we have a new host to praise, dominate, or mock thoroughly until he cries. As we can tell by the appearance of the lovely Gluttony, this one follows right after the Holiday arc. But she lost that cool color for her hair. Unlock her as soon as you can, boy! She needs her keen hair again!

We also have some new fan art in the gallery! Sloth art! Thanks, Turah.

I'm helping out a friend by plugging a site, so I'm an all around good guy! Actually, I'm helping a friend of a friend so that's even better... I may be eligible for sainthood now! Check it out if you're a fan of Japan and if you don't check it out, maybe you're just mean.