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Posted by Pip

JB2- Tarot Intermission 2

It's page 2 of the Tarot mini-saga! Thanks again to Jimmie for his guest page and working hard after the interruption on Wednesday. Or was it all planned from the start so his page would be up all weekend?! Dastardly... Show him what for and visit his website. That'll teach him!

In addition to adorable animal types, the Tarot have analyzed the Sins's winning strategy to be... well, being weird. The power to possess people, ruin lives, and squash and stretch themselves is what gives them an edge over invaders. Doesn't look like Hiero will be replacing Lust any time soon though. Not getting zapped by your own powers is kind of up there on the list of how to run things. Not letting one of your experiments beat you senseless is another biggie.

And it's finally time for Murdoch Just Wants To Relax Episode 2! The sequel to the smash hit that took the country by stor- All right, I can't keep that up. It's another short, but hopefully fun game set in the Sins world and following our lovable necromancer friend. Three new levels, new enemies, new powers, and new bosses! This one features more story elements that tie in with the comic and may have some certain characters you recently saw mentioned. Say maybe in a page drawn by a guest artist. Hmmm...
As with Episode 1 (downloadable on the Swag page!), press F1 within the game to read the full instructions and get the links to the awesome music by Sawtooth. Special thanks to Pika150, Ryan, K H for some playtesting and comments! I made a boss easier based on their feedback, so the rest of you Slapeggs should thank them too!
In response to comments on the first game, bosses and strong enemies now display a ! to indicate that you've hurt them. If you don't see the !, you're either not hurting them (so think of something different) or they're still invincible after your last whack (that only lasts a second or two).
1) During the first boss, one of the characters occasionally gets stuck in the corner. If the workaround to this doesn't kick in, you can either wail on him while he's stuck (Meanie) or press 'R' to restart the fight.
2) This one is more serious. GameMaker sometimes freaks out in level 2 and disregards all the switches and global variables. For you, this means that all the gates and doors will be automatically opened and you can walk straight to the boss's room. However! If that happens, there's also a chance that it will disregard the boss's health variables and it will become invincible in the second stage of the fight. That's rather bad. I put multiple workarounds into the level but if the program is disregarding the variables, they won't work either. This has greatly shaken my faith in GameMaker. I even tried cursing at it repeatedly and that surprisingly did not help. If you run into that issue, I also uploaded another version of the game that will take you to the scene after that fight. Download it here if need be:

Thanks for playing and hopefully you'll have fun, bugs and all.