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FL2- Or Go For Ice Cream

Our young ward has a name! And he sounds like a butt kicker too. When a kid stands up to the representations of evil, you know he's just a bad day away from slitting throats and showing people their hearts. Go mini-Kratos, go!

In response to questions posed about the short Tarot pages just posted, Pride and Hiero have formulated a replay:

Quick Review: Darker Than Black- Score one for Netflix's random recommendations despite the fact that their base data is highly questionable (You're going to recommend I watch Yo Gabba Gabba? Seriously?). The episodes make up short stand-alone stories that tie into a larger plot, and if you're reading Sins here, you know I'm into that kind of thing. Episodes go off on tangents that have nothing to do with the grander mysteries and with the series taking place over 6 discs, some of them seem like filler but well-written main characters and some great secondary characters make it worth sitting through. The bit players are usually more likable than the main characters (I love the British agents) and the villains of the week are usually pretty interesting and have good stories in their own rights (the episode with the singer and her partner is oddly compelling despite how sappy it could have been). They manage to give characters that only appear for a few minutes unique gimmicks and that helps pull you in right away. There's a character that appears onscreen for maaaybe 30 seconds but in that short time she kills a fully armed SWAT officer with a rubber band. That makes me want to see more. You can tell the designers had fun coming up with abilities and the payments characters have to make to use them. They range from serious (one character has to break his fingers to use his power) to OCD (like having to dog-ear an entire book) to just plain silly (one of the aforementioned British agents has to chug a beer whenever she acts out). For the most part, it avoids the standard anime tropes and stays serious and focused. The only characters that regularly break this are a somewhat inept detective and his mooching sidekick, but they're used sparingly so they end up being likeable too. The main issue with the series is that it never really goes into its backstory or explains any of the truly unique mythology it creates. The largest events take place ten years before the series and you're teased with bits and pieces along the way, but it never had the payoff I was hoping for. It's well drawn and animated and has a really nice score (especially the episodes about Yin the oracle) so despite not capitalizing on the world it builds, I enjoyed it. But stop watching when the story ends because the final episode is really lame. The episode jumps back in time for no reason, is really wacky and goofy, and undermines the dramatic ending. It feels like they had an extra episode laying around and just decided to toss it on air to fill the time slot.