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FL5- It Is Also Fun

Oh, Gluttony has so much to learn. You don't question why you fight monsters. You do it because it's awesome. And you can work out a lot of stress and those kinks in your shoulders. Forget massage. Just wail on a monster for a bit and your troubles will melt away. But sometimes they spit on you and that's pretty nasty.
Just a bit of re-explanation really. Having a new Sin join up gives us a nice chance to fill in the new readers too.

Long, Why is he nekkid!? Review: Soul Bubbles- SB was undeniably going to be an under the radar game. It's odd, hasn't been touched by any company most people would know, and you can only buy it at one store. But that kind of drives me to want to play it more and since it's so forgotten, it's cheap. So here we go. The game's strong points are the aesthetics. It has nice art and animation, great, calming music, and it's really enjoyable when you start out. There's almost no action but it's a nice puzzle game and kind of relaxing. It's fun to pick up and play three stages and then go on to something else but once you get about 1/3 of the way through the game, it starts to get really boring. Every level is the same thing. It might be because each level turns out to be too long. Every world introduces a new play mechanic (a new item, ability to fire bullets, a new obstacle, etc), but you've seen all that new mechanic offers by the end of the first level, but each world is made of five levels so you have to go do the same few things for four more levels until you get to the next mechanic. The ice world seems like it's made by an entirely different team though. The gameplay drastically changes with the new mechanic (your bubble freezes and you can no longer manipulate it as much) and it's really fun. It kind of feels like when Sonic the Hedgehog was good. Where you have to be slow and careful in the other levels, the ice world is all about momentum, going fast, and pulling off loops and jumping off of bumpers. Once you finish that level, it's back to the same old though. They could have made some really neat bosses you fought by using your powers, blowing objects, sealing things in bubbles, using bubbles to transport objects, using your bubbles and abilities to manipulate the game world, but it never goes there. Every level is just about moving objects from point A to point B. There are very low requirements for moving through the worlds so you don't get frustrated because you missed one object but when you replay stages to get items you missed, the map resets. You have to fill in everything all over again and since most of the secrets wind up being “go left to the exit and go right for an item”, when you're doing all that trial and error, you want to know where you've been before. The final levels are terrible. They're not hard because they require thought or planning, they're hard because they're poorly laid out and they maximize every frustrating/poorly done aspect of the game. So what started off as boring but at least relaxing ends being boring and frustrating. I don't know if I can recommend the game. The parts that are good are really good, the parts that are bad are really bad, and the majority of it just... is. It's not great, it's not horrible. It's something to do pass the time in a moderately enjoyable way.
Sins Committed: Boring, Repetitive, Unresponsive
Virtues Acted: Good music, Interesting ideas, Good art