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FL7- For Opening Packages

The Sins have run the gamut on host bodies this time around. Tiny rodents, giant birds, and terrible thunder lizards! They live in an awesome, awesome universe. But you know that if you can weird out a Sin after all the garbage they've been through before, your host is definitely an oddball. Even Lust's devious tricks can't overcome the most nefarious trick of all: love!
Something about a dinosaur waving to a person just makes me laugh.

Quick Review: The Munchables- The review for this game needs to be split into two groups: If you paid full price for this game, you got ripped off big time but if you waited until it hit the bargain bins, you probably had some fun. There's one cutscene that's pretty much worth the current price of the game in most stores. It's easily the most epic fight between two onion-headed men you've ever seen and likely will ever see. All done in sepia tones so it's classy AND awesome. But onto the important stuff! Munchables is like Kirby meets Katamari, only it answers the question about where all that junk Kirby eats goes. And that answer, my friends, is poo. Lots and lots of poo. No lie your score is judged by the amount of fertilizer you can can cover your mentor with at the end of a stage. Of course since it's an E rated games, you poo out brightly colored orbs. But they're not fooling anybody. The game itself is too easy for even moderately skilled game players but some parts (especially the challenges to earn items) would be too frustrating for little kids, so it falls into an uneasy zone. It would be a good game to get for a younger crowd but you should stick around to help them out in certain spots. While I never actually died during the game (I kind of wonder if you even can die without purposefully trying to), it does suffer from a cheap difficulty. It likes to spawn enemies inside you, you can't help but eat bombs and take damage at times because they're hidden in a mass of objects and you can't see them, and you'll fall off of ledges because you can't see or because you slipped through or off an object. The levels are also designed so that there are objects blocking the camera or covering the player at times so you just have to kind of blindly attack and try to find a spot where you can see again. The game is of the “a good rental/borrow it from a friend” sort because it's funny, cute, has oddly rockin' music, and is fairly bizarre but it's ultimately just too easy and simplistic to outright recommend.
Sins Committed: Too simple, Short