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FL8- The Boy Knows No Fear

Lust has hit a new low when she's rooting for a small child to suffer. And not even just hoping for it or threatening him with with it, but actually cheering for it. How the mighty have fallen. Humbled by someone that needs a footstool to reach counters and needs to be reminded to brush his teeth.
Those of you that played the Murdoch games (ALL of you right? Riiiight?) will recognize Sloth's host as being one of the beach bugs from the latest game. The second item featured in the game to show up in this arc!

The pages that Jimmie Brimstone drew for us have been translated and placed in the Dutch folder. Thanks, Bastiaan!

Quick Review: Star Trek (2009)- If you strip away the “Star Trek” name from the film, it becomes just another tedious, by the books sci-fi movie. There was really no reason (outside of money of course) for the franchise to be rebooted for this. The action mostly comes down to the standard cliches: guy holding onto a ledge while a bad guy stomps at his hands, characters free falling and saved just at the nick of time before they hit the ground (what luck!), the dialogue could be taken from any hundred of other movies, an unbearable villain, a fight that unnecessarily takes place on a catwalk, sometimes black holes destroy you and sometimes they just move you through time, multiple instances of characters not killing their opponents when they have the chance so they can stand around blathering, and characters that boil down to nothing more than an annoying running gag. Kirk is detestable, McCoy is annoying and his sole purpose beyond his introduction is to jab Kirk in the neck with syringes, and Chevok is a one joke character and that joke isn't even good. He has an accent! Is that waaaacky? The movie almost completely disregards the deaths of literally billions of people but then jumps into full on sappy melodrama when something happens to the main cast.
And isn't the last half of the movie really just one giant plot hole? Spock knew Nero was up there by Vulcan, he knew Nero was going to do something terrible even if he didn't know Vulcan was going to be destroyed, he knew that the Star Fleet outpost was just down the road, and yet he really made no effort to dial up Star Fleet and warn them about the bad guy hanging around. Spock basically let billions of people die because he didn't feel like going for a walk.