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FL9- Ride Em Dinoboy

Sometimes you just have to weigh the options of a tasty snack and world wide destruction. Then you sigh, grab yourself a granola bar, and wonder if the non-destruction of all you know is really all that great. Maybe possessed kids just taste awesome. I wonder if being possessed changes how you taste...
Everything in life goes better with dinosaurs. Movies, theme parks, weddings and bar mitvas!

The amusing searches leading to Sins last month were mostly the usuals, so I'm going to focus on just one:
“can one get disease from strippers”- Did you really need to ask that? I'm also rather amused by the use of “one” instead of “I” or “you”. Almost sounds classy. As classy as potentially diseased strippers can get.

A new month means a new donation wallpaper. Contribute art, writings, help out the site, or give us monies to bask in its picture-ness. The winter holidays are the perfect time for a family photo and as any elementary school student can tell you, the best pictures have cheesy lasers in the background. Do school pictures in other countries get that too or is that a USA-only thing?

The winner of this month's L.U.S.T. numbers ONCE AGAIN is Tetsamaru! I think you guys are just throwing in the towel and letting Tetsa run rampant. Learn more at:
Learn more at:

Posted by Pip

FL9- L.U.S.T. correction

Curse you HTML!
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