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FL11- He Should Have Tipped Better

At least she's perceptive about it all? And if you think about it, maybe it is Fletcher's fault. You need to put a bell on that kid if he's going to be sneaking around and spooking waitresses. At least he's a peacenik and you probably won't get a town destroying super powered hissy fit. Probably.
Or sure you can blame it all on Fortune... or maybe that's what the secret cabal of waitresses has planned all along! Don't trust them, readers. The day's special is people! It's peeeople!

Long, Booyah I got to punch Mr. Fantastic in the face Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2- Quickest review: You repeat one attack for seven hours or so and you've completed the game. Getting more in depth, you repeat one attack for six hours, another attack for an hour throughout, and maybe a third move if your main character dies and you've completed the game. Exciting gameplay it doesn't have, but as repetitive as it is, it can be fun in small doses. The story is good but doesn't carry much emotional impact because every dispute pretty much boils down to "let's punch people until everything works out". Maybe if you've read all the comic it's based on you'll get more out of it, but for a casual comic fan, it just feels like three half-baked stories crammed together and never really fully explored. It also suffers from some seriously Z-list characters. Who ARE most of these villains? Titanium Man? The Grim Reaper? It's a sad day when Shocker is one of your big time villains. The same goes for a lot of the people on the hero sides and some of the recognizable character never even join you. I spent most of the game waiting for Spider-Woman to join my team but it never happened. The tease! The game has an 8 minute install but the load times are still sluggish and frustrating. They're never game breaking but every time the game saves, you change characters, or even just change costumes, you have another long wait to sit through. Your powers are all mapped nicely, but the shoulder buttons are all over the place and I was constantly wasting heals or super moves by pressing the wrong button. Healing items are feast or famine. When you're nice and healthy, healing items are EVERYWHERE but whenever a character dies or you're really hurt, there isn't a one to be found. The camera is awful, frequently nonadjustable, and there are sections where you're fighting blind because the camera is positioned with behind an object in the foreground and there's nothing you can do about it. The game has problems targeting enemies too. You can be standing right next to an enemy and not be able to aim at it. It gets even worse if you're in the air and trying to hit an enemy on the ground. Jean Grey may be god-like and able to destroy the Universe if she wanted to but god help you if you're trying to zap a guy standing a foot under her. Your AI partners love exploding objects and most of the times they die, it's because they ran at an exploding truck or robot while you ran the other way. I had the most problems with Spider-Man doing this for some reason. Apparently that's a route Goblin really needs to look into because Spidey just cannot resist the alluring glow of a robot about to self-destruct. You'll run into a variety of glitches like items floating in the air, enemies knocked through walls where you can't reach them, characters getting stuck in objects, and in one fight I was knocked through the stage and kept on falling. I eventually just switched to another character and after a short while and Ms. Marvel popped back into existence. There are these brief out of left field moments where you find just odd objects. I broke open a crate and found a giant clown head (only one I saw in the game), there was a rubber duckie laying in with some wreckage on one stage, there's graffiti devoted to the maintenance robots, and if you can protect this random robot helper through a stage, he'll dance and then just explode when the level is complete. It's not a bad game by any real means, but it's repetitive out the wazoo and the story never really takes off. Worth it if you like the characters, but if you don't know who they are or what they're talking about, you'll probably spend most of the game trying to figure out why you should care.
Sins Committed: Repetitive, Buggy, Bad camera
Virtues Acted: Good writing, Good (if undeveloped) story, Venom can eat people