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FL14- Bag O Cats

Glowing eyes are rarely a good thing with our lovable group. Then when you add false kindness and that fuzzy feeling you get when you're about to screw somebody over, well, Lust is back on her game. Poor, naive Pride. She's been with them how long and she still has so, so much to learn. Gluttony at least gets to sit back and be confused. Possibly thinking of how tasty a bag of cats would be.
That's actually the standard unit of measurement for cats. Well, it's a metric bag. Imperial measurement still uses the archaic “barrel of cats”. They're cheaper when you buy them by the bag too. And in case you're wondering, puppies are measured by the crate.

Quick Review: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World – I didn't beat the game and it's almost entirely due to the milquetoast, unlikable hero. When he gets hurt in battle, he actually says "nyeh, stop it". He makes Evangelion's Shinji seem like the manliest guy to ever kick ass. But despite how much I wanted to backhand the kid or throw him down a well, his partner wants nothing more than to jump him and have his babies. Her sole reasoning for this is that he was standing over her unconscious body after she passed out in a fight. That's not a hero, that's a freak. The story is your typical JRPG cliché fest of uninteresting characters rallying together to save the world and there's actually a subplot about an evil tree that destroyed a town and killed some people. I mean... I know JRPGs have gotten really, REALLY bad in the past few years, but a tree? A freaking evil tree. It's bad enough that the characters will hurt your brain, the dialogue is awful, and the story uninteresting, but they'll flashback to events that occurred no more than three minutes ago so you have to hear all that garbage multiple times. The combat is very cluttered, your allies keep running into you or getting between you and the enemy, and it just seems random if the enemies want to gang up on you or actually fight anybody else. Not that your partners are actually useful because they'll waste all their magic in the first few battles and then die without constant micromanagment. And given how much I hated them all, I was kind of happy to see them all kick the bucket.