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Posted by Pip

FL18- Waste Not Want Not

Fortune has gotten pretty good at smacking people around with trees. Even if all her strength only musters a tiny “bash”. Keep training, Fortune, and you'll get your mighty sound effects eventually!
It was surprisingly difficult to decide on a color for Fletch's rambling. Purple is the obvious choice, but since Lust is purple, that just made it sound weird (and Lust probably smells like strawberries or raspberries so that would be a good thing). The Sins have your basic colors covered so you have to branch out to the funny colors. There's science behind all this.

Following the President's mandate ( ), here's the final part of the Murdoch game! Wrapping up his little adventure and giving some hints at things to come.
Download the game at:

As before, you have all your powers from the previous games. Press F1 to open the help menu in case you need a refresher and to check out the instructions and thanks section.
Known issues:
It's possible to stick yourself in the border using the new power if you deactivate it along the edge of the screen. Just activate the power again and move into a clear spot to get yourself free.
Any comments, questions, spots you're stuck, just send me an email or message!
Thanks for playing,