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A7- Quick And Painful Explanations

Lust gives the short but not so sweet explanation as to what the deal with the Sins is. This one is basically just an overview for the new readers but made mega-fast because all the old readers already know most of it.
For the new readers, the sticker thing is in reference to a change in characters from the old series and it will be addressed again shortly.

Pamphlets are just so convenient arenít they? Probably the most bizarre one Iíve seen was the Mister Rogers explains death pamphlet I read through at a funeral parlor. I know how important it is to teach kids about death from an early age, but having it be Mister Rogers that does so is just soÖ surreal. And it was fairly close to when Mister Rogers died himself that I saw it, just making it stick out in my mind that much more.