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Posted by Pip

T12- Well Then Donít Breathe. Jeez!

Lust isnít one for heartfelt good-byes, I suppose. Then again it is pretty hard to be sympathetic after wiping the blood of Fortuneís friends off the blade.

Well, a month has come to an end, so that meansÖ new wallpaper!

If you havenít figured out what the new Forces are by now and donít get it after seeing the wallpaper, you should be smacked. Lightly. Iím not THAT mean.

Itís also time to pick my favorite search string that led to the site. December was a hard month because there were a lot of good/wacky ones. But my vote goes to ďheart attack grillĒ. Iím not entirely sure what I said that would allow that search string to lead here either. Putting it back into Google led me to:
A place where they serve gluttonously humongous hamburgers and the waitresses dress up in skimpy nurse outfits. Itís a restaurant built around the seven deadly sins. Fantastic! Please, somebody in Arizona tell me what the place is like!