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Not the Place Peanuts Come From

Sloth is looking downright concerned there.
Finally! Somebody loves Flattery! Sure it may have taken trauma and psychological damage, but Envy has himself a fan. Until a mace on a spring pops out of Envy's head and bludgeons Fletch. Then our host will be singing the praise of molds or amoebas.
Note: Sins does not endorse bludgeoning people in the hopes that they''ll like you when they recover. Unless it actually works and somehow doesn't violate all sorts of laws. Then we're going to start selling Sloth branded mallets.

This page marks update number 700! Woo!

Long, Blue Meanie Review: Beatles Rock Band (drums only, played on medium setting)- The Beatles Rock Band has a great presentation and really does come across as respectful instead of a cheap cash grab. The rest of the game hinges on this and they did a fine job on making the game look like its a celebration of the Beatles's history. Like with all music games, the majority of the enjoyment you'll get out of it all depends on how much you like the songs inside. I wouldn't classify myself as “fan” (there are some songs here that I didn't even really know were done by the Beatles) so adjust what follows according to your own levels. Drumming is very kick pedal heavy compared to Rock Band 2 and most of the songs are rather repetitive if you're going solo. Career mode nicely follows a logical flow of time and you unlock photos and trivia as you progress. I'm sure any die hard fans already know all of it, but for normal people, some of them were spiffy. As nice as the presentation is, there are some iffy design choices. Easy mode is ludicrously easy and I was getting 100% on songs I only 4-stared in Medium so your choices are either lots of kick pedals in the higher difficulties or a kiddy mode on Easy. The game's difficulty ratings are ludicrously bad so you can't actually tell how hard a song will be until you've played it and you hope you remember what it was like. A Hard Day's Night is rated at a 0 difficulty on drums but it's the one of the hardest songs in the game (I can't regularly do the rapid Y, R+Y, Y, Y+kick sequences) whereas Can't Buy Me Love is rated 5/6 in difficulty and is a piece of cake. Since you're playing the songs chronologically, you miss out on the gradually rising difficulty RB2's Career Mode had and the songs at the end of the game are no more grand or complex compared to what you played at the start. The game feels really short and without the band customization from regular Rock Band, it doesn't feel like you're getting as much from it. Top that off by figuring that there are almost 20 less songs than Rock Band 2 came with and you really got ripped off if you bought it at full price. The game is priced at full cost but gives you not only less features but far fewer songs as well and it's all so the company can sell you DLC. There are a lot of classic songs missing and buying the extra tracks is by no means cheap (it's an extra almost $20 to add an album) so it gives the game a tacky feel. You're going to spend the cost of the game over again just to add songs that should have been there to begin with. Even if you're a massive Beatles fan, it's just not worth buying the game at the regular price, so wait for a bargain bin or pick it up used because they're going to gouge you on DLC.
Sins Committed: Overpriced DLC, Short
Virtues Acted: Great presentation, All the fun of a drugged out trip without the lasting psychological harm?