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FL21-Night Night

I bet Envy's head makes that awesome “Thump” that some pumpkins do when you knock on them. That would totally beat the heck out of a security blanket. Things do go much smoother with a nigh-comatose host, though. At least three Sins unlocked and nary an issue, mauling creature, or peep about free will.
If you maul the host, you get stuck with body duty. Of course, if you lose Envy's body, nobody really complains all that much, but Gluttony may have realized that yet.

As I did last year, I've loaded another batch of the old donation wallpapers to the gallery's Wallpaper Previews section. It's most of the ones from year two, so enjoy! For I am a benevolent overlord! Of course if you don't want to wait three years to get the wallpapers revealed each month, you can always donate or send some fan works our way! The uploaded files are:

I went to the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco yesterday and good times were had. It's a pretty small place so I can't really say it's worth a trip out there for just the museum, but if you're in the city, it's a good way to spend two hours. The “Monsters of Web Comics” exhibit didn't quite live up to its name with only a few comics and some pages printed out larger than normal making up most of the exhibits. Maybe it's just the medium, but a comic exhibit that's just larger than normal pages of webcomics is a bit underwhelming. Sure PBF is awesome, but it's the same awesome in screen size and poster sized. Can't say I exactly agree with most of the comics they featured but I'm by no means bitter and curmudgeonly. No sir! The Sleeping Beauty exhibit they have going on now is nice and had some great concept art pieces as well as a few other bits of Disney art and they had some of the models for the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie so it was all around pretty keen.