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FL22- Or A Rattleoctobulb

Whereas Craving was the flora in the family, Gorging leans more to the fauna side of the spectrum. Maybe they have a half-sister that's a particularly hungry hunk of mineral.
The Sins will bet on just about anything. They either need an intervention or a ticket to Vegas where they can easily rig any number of machines or people and get rich. Rich, I tell you!

DDG is ringing in the new calendar with an update, so stop on by and check that out as well!

The new donation wallpaper starts of the new year with something of an older influence as the Sins bust out some macho tales. No fairies on this team.

Big thanks to all of you that are updating the TV Tropes, comic databases, or the Sins Wiki and everybody voting for us on TWC! You guys rock!

Nothing too exciting in the search strings leading to Sins for December. One of note was:
“homemade cherry coke” - I can do you one better: the Roy Rogers cocktail. Coke/Pepsi, grenadine, and maraschino cherries. Freaking fantastic.

Tetsamaru again with the L.U.S.T. win. We did have a new entrant this month, but the more of you that sign up, the better! Check out the forum for details or email me.

It's time to flip the calendar another page so that somehow justifies getting drunk off your ass! Woo?
Rhett's totally the jealous type. That sultry Fortune going around and stealing other men's... er, men. Lust clearly has no control. It's all Fortune's fault!
So it's 2010 and I still don't have a flying saucer, ray gun, robotic buddy, jet pack, VR, nor do I live in space or at least on the moon. Real science is such a letdown sometimes. Have a good one nonetheless, Slapeggs.