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FL23- Gluttony Lovetts Pride

In all fairness, Greed never stipulated what he was bidding. Maybe all he wants is a scratch on the head, a tousling of the ears and hair, or a peck on the cheek. And Lust is shunning him and passing him off on others! Boo, Lust, booooo.
Pride might be a bit stringy. Or it turns out she has some poison gland that kicks in when eaten that nobody knows about. I was going to mention lobsters here but it turns out that's actually a myth... I've been lied to!

Quick Review: Under The Dome- UtD is definitely one of King's best books and one of the best books I've read in a while. It's not without faults, of course. There are times when he lays it on a bit too thick or you'll be rolling your eyes, but when you have to think about whether you're going to stay up too late and be groggy the next morning or go to bed and leave the last 100 pages for tomorrow, that's a good book. It chock full of great characters, has a really interesting set up, and gets right to the action and then slowly brings in more of the townsfolk. Despite the enormous cast, there were very few times I had to flip back and check the “People of Interest” section. The Dome winds up playing only a bit part at times and the story focuses more on how the town itself collapses after the Dome appears. It's extremely long (it weighed in around four pounds on my scale) but never feels long for the sake of being long. Chapters go by quickly and there's always something happening. Even when the book flat out tells you that X person is going to die soon, it still manages to be a bit suspenseful and the death isn't ludicrously foreshadowed.