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FL24- We Can Make Him Better Stronger Plantier

Yeah, you're going to want to keep those spiky bits away from Fletch. All he needs to do is prick himself then Gluttony will maim him again then there will be tears and you know...
I thought about making Envy's text upside down, but I say nay! We have more class than that around here.

I attended the pre-release event for Tatsunoko vs Capcom the other night and it was crazy mad fun. They gave us pizza, they had cherry soda, I got a swag towel, and the game was a lot more fun than I was expecting. It seriously beats the pants off of SF4. The control scheme is greatly simplified, super moves are fairly easy to do, and the game helps you along with combos so fights are a lot more fluid than in your standard 2D fighters. It's still very blocking-heavy which is always lame and it's very reliant on super moves so it still drags at times, but at the start of the event when nobody knew how to do any of that, it was a blast. The animations are great and some of the moves are ludicrous to the nth degree (seeing Frank West pick up a 20 foot tall robot and throw it caused several of us to erupt in applause), but the general consensus was to ignore almost all of the anime characters. Practically everybody I played only used the Capcom side and rightfully so. The anime guys are just boring in comparison. Just don't play it with the Wii Remote. A few of us were using it because the fighter stick wasn't working properly when the event started and it was just terrible.

Quick Review: Pictobits- I'll give Pictobits points for being a unique take on puzzle games and being thoroughly retro and full of NES game sprites, but the game is in no way fun. The way blocks interact seems random at times, you can interact with them in a way that will clear the blocks one time but then penalize you another time, there's too little distinction between pieces (unless you're playing in perfect light, the blue pieces and light blue pieces look the same), blocks don't drop at the same speed and when they drop quickly, the screen is just too small and the controls too imprecise to react to it properly, and where Tetris is still fun when it starts getting hard, Pictobits is swear-inducingly frustrating. The fifth time you lose a level because the stylus took a horizontal swipe to mean a vertical swipe, you realize you really don't have a reason to keep on playing. The best part of the game is the NES music but you have to farm certain levels to earn enough coins to unlock songs in the music player. The same goes for levels too. Pictobits is a neat game with great music but it's so frustrating and difficult that there's no fun to be found in it.