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MT1- Rack Em Up Knock Em Down

That guy has a ponytail, therefore, he totally deserved that. So who are these two rogues dishing out social justice? Hosts? Possessed bodies? People severely testing karma? Just some random townsfolk with good taste in clothing?! Whoever they are, they make a fine team.
The timeline on the forum has been updated as well with this arc's mysterious code. MT... That lady is certainly using her mountains to her advantage. Oh! Ka-kow!

Hey Slapeggs, you may have noticed that I put up an affiliate link for Play-Asia on the main page and Links page. Just a small step to try to pay for server fees and all that. Since it's an affiliate link, you don't have to worry about clicking it just for the sake of driving up visits or out of guilt. We don't get paid by the click, only if you complete an order through their site. This seems like it's less intrusive than usual click-through ads, so hopefully you won't mind as much. If you ARE planning on buying something through their site anyway, you can show the Sins a little love and complete the purchase through the affiliate link. You pay the same price, we get a few bucks from Play-Asia, and everybody wins. I appreciate your thoughts on the subject and thanks for helping out!

Quick Review: Castle of Magic (DS)- CoM is a simple, veeery simple, platformer that would be pretty good for anybody new to the genre. It doesn't try to do anything special and it's fairly short, but it's appropriately priced and for what it does do, it does it all right. The graphics are cute and some of the bosses have some impressive sprite work. The hit detection is a bit off and can get frustrating, but it's borderline impossible to die outside of falling in a pit or being crushed by a moving object. The game uses a system similar to Sonic's “get hit and lose your rings”, but in CoM, you only lose some of your “rings” when hit and you still have the opportunity to grab them all again. It's also a breeze to rack up lives, so even when you do die, it's little more than an inconvenience. The gimmicky camera functionality is totally uncalled for and is really the only sour spot in the game. Unless your lighting is fantastic, the game just can't analyze the photos well. I don't know if it's a problem with the game or the DSi's camera, but I found it extremely inconsistent. It goes by the predominant color in the picture but it read my blue comforter as green and my light blue chair as overwhelmingly blue one time and just barely blue another. The best thing to do is find things that are semi-transparent and hold them between a light source and the camera because that worked for me 100% of the time.