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MT3- Mismatched Buddy Cop Action Comedy

Egads! Teamwork! And for the theoretical good! Not just to steal wallets and beat up ponytailed strangers, but to stop demons. They even appear to have some knowledge... These guys have to be dangerous.
I think this page marks a milestone as well. The first character with an accent! And if action movies have taught me anything, the guy with the accent is the mastermind. Run, Lust, run!
Score one for wild reader speculation. Lust was slumming it as a dude.

I'm about to start writing the next arc, so I figured I'd open it up to voting so our loyal Slapeggs can choose what they get next. Both arcs will eventually get written, so it's not like choosing one means the other is lost for all eternity. Vote away on the forums! I'll keep it open for a bit over a week. I don't think you have to have a forum account to vote in polls, but if it does require one, signing up is free and a rather quick and painless process.

Quick Review: TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled- The Turtles in Time remake is worth the $5 it was on sale for, but that's about all if you've played any of the original versions. If you haven't played the original ones, you're also probably not old enough to really appreciate the first show on the same level, so your nostalgia, or lack there of, may cause some wild fluctuations in perception on this one. I don't like the 3-D movement they added and it just seems to lead to cheap hits rather than adding anything to the title. Thanks to it, Baxter has become the hardest boss in the boss. Seriously. Compared to Baxter's abuse of the new dimension and cheap hits, even Shredder is a total pushover. The traps are even more annoying as well because it can look like you're clear of them but you still get nailed by them. You're far more likely to take damage from the environmental hazards than the actual enemies. Even on the later difficulties, most enemies aren't much of a threat, there are just more of them. The voice work is good but the redone music doesn't quite live up to the original tunes. It's not necessarily bad, it's just not all that good either. The big issue here is that it's just a remake but it's buggy. Characters will stand on the air, move into walls and warp around the screen, and the bosses give you the impression that nobody listened to the QA team. Some randomly become invincible during the fights, mainly Cement Man but Leatherhead, Baxter, and Krang 1 suffer from it too. Krang 2 is supposed to be one of the hardest bosses, but I was frequently able to trap him in a corner and prevent him from attacking or even moving. Tokka and Rahzar are a cake walk. If you do a jump kick against all the other bosses, you hit them once and then bounce off, but against those two, you keep moving through them and it counts for multiple hits. You can tear through them in a matter of seconds if you just keep jump kicking. Yeah, so it's not a quality remake but if you wait for it to get on the cheap again, it's worth the $5 but no more than that.