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Posted by Pip

T13- Making An Offer You Canít Refuse

Werenít expecting that were you? Eh, eh? Iíll take that as a ďnoĒ. Now no more petitions to save the new Forces. Everybody gets whatís coming to them. I expect bags of candy and gold coins any time. Or lightning bolts and meteors. Both equally delicious.

SinsÖ CAMEO! Of course, it is on the same panel as a dogís butt, but beggers canít be choosers. Thanks, Luprand!

Also in good comic news, Yami No Tainai is back!
I was a fan of it back on DD, but we all know how THAT turned out. Canít say DD didnít deserve what they gotÖ But anyway, YNT has a site of itís own so go check it out. Come on. The owners are good people.