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Posted by Pip

MT5-Silly Walk Ministry Graduates

Tobin and Maxwell are officially confirmed to be weird and all kinds of not right. Or maybe they're just overdosing on tranquilizers. You tend to not fear the evil demons when you're chewing on the various “medicinal” plants Nature has laying around. Look at how they walk! Anybody that has a silly walk is clearly evil. And they're indifferent to Lust and have ignored poor lovable Greed...

There's another treat for you too... A new game! This time we leave platforming, puzzling, and adventure behind us and delve right into mindless violence! Slug O' War is a very much simplified fighting game, so have fun beating up some of your favorite embodiments of all things not nice. Knock your opponent to the other side of the screen to win and stay away from the left side yourself. The instructions are posted in the game and the usual rules apply. Only works in Windows, keep your expectations to a rational level, it's super easy, thanks again to Sawtooth for the music, and shoot me an email if you have any questions ( Have fun!

Not only is the game open to all the hermits, shut ins, and friendless people out there but there's a two player version as well! Sure you have to share a keyboard, but then you can elbow each other and pretend the game has haptic feedback! Classy, eh?

This one got way more complicated than I meant it too. It started off as a super quick project to knock out over a weekend and then I added more characters and more moves and did that 2-player version as well. I love you guys so much. So much! *crazy fist shaking*