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MT6- Maybe They Licked The Poisonous Toad

Laziness wins out over the very real threat that these two have a giant pit they put kidnapped old people in. Anger doesn't seem to be some much bothered that they killed the monster he was possessing as that they were weird about doing it.

DDG updated over the weekend, so start your Monday off right and read it. Your horrible, horrible Monday...

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Long, Send them to the dungeon Review: Little King's Story- LKS is just on the border of “pushed out the door” and “decent game” and you get that feeling as soon as you start it up. A lot of the music is just public domain classical, but it's done really well. Everybody speaks in a garbled simlish, but it adds a touch of humor to the inanities of the townsfolk. The graphics are simple but it's charming and cute. Unfortunately, once you start playing, you're firmly planted in the “pushed out the door” camp. It's a semi-RTS like Pikmin but you can't order one person at a time to do something or order one group at a time. The smart thing to do is make up a mixed group of farmers, soldiers, workers, etc but since you can't easily order specific characters around, that's pointless. You pretty much play, find out there's a boss ahead, run back to town, ditch everybody, fill up on soldiers, beat the boss, run back to town and get your farmers, and repeat. Each class can also only do one or two things, so you're constantly running back and micromanaging your team without good reason. Soldiers don't know how to dig holes? The game isn't fun because your people are so damn stupid. Your archers will shoot into the wall instead of enemies, your soldiers will chop wood instead of fighting bosses, EVERY class constantly gets stuck behind objects and has absolutely zero pathfinding AI so unless you guide your entire team back to where that person is, he'll spend the entire battle walking into a rock because he can't take two steps to either side to get around it. Pikmin kept the "classes" to a minimum and they all had a specific purpose but LKS goes crazy with them. Instead of upgrading classes over time, the game just keeps making new ones. There are three different versions of the carpenters and the only thing that's different about them is that they can build bigger things. Heck, most of the classes are just a variation on the worker. There's the worker that can chop trees, a worker that can destroy stone, one to dig holes, etc. Your party winds up being filled with all these people that have one use but you have to drag them along because you never know when you're going to randomly need to build a set of stairs and if you don't have the carpenter, you have to go all the way back to town, get one, and then go all the way back to where you came from. It takes so long to do everything in the game. The characters are all slow so walking from objective to objective is a chore, you can only assign a very small number of people to an object so even if you have ten farmers, you have to sit there while four of them work and there's nothing for anybody else to do but watch, despite having relatively simple patterns, boss fights take forever because they have so much health and your people are so braindead, and all the upgrades are so expensive that you have to farm monotonous items or enemies just to afford them. They even stick unskippable cutscenes before parts you're likely to die at. It's bad enough that everybody just died because your soldiers were attacking a log but knowing you have to watch a long movie again just to get back to that point is depressing. I eventually reached a point where I was stuck. Not stuck in a "I don't know how to get passed this section" way but in a "there's nothing to do" sense. The game just kept giving me the same "kill this same enemy" quests over and over and none of my carpenters could build the bridge to the next section of the game so there was nothing to do. According to an FAQ, I was only 1/3 of the way through the game, so if the rest of the game is like this, it's just not worth the hassle of playing. I looked up the ending on Youtube and shipped it back. It's a really cute idea for an RTS, but the game is just so poorly made and devoid of fun that's it's not worth sticking around for the good parts.
Sins Committed: Bad controls, Bad AI, Repetitive, Slow characters
Virtues acted: Cute, Good music, The Onii are adooorable