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MT8- HypoCritical Thinking

Blatant hypocrisy or an oddity we're willing to overlook because a cute lady is doing it? Hmmm... It can be both! Oh the things poor Rhett has been through.
The Sins's commentary does not reflect the views of manag- ah, heck with that. Bondage IS weird!

Quick Review: Ghostbusters: Ghost Busted- For how a manga based on GB could have either been pretty keen or deplorably bad, I wound up liking it a lot more than I had expected to. It's definitely wackier and they play up the animeness of it but the plots feel like something that could have been in the cartoon. There are a few different small stories with one larger one that plays through all of them and that's a story telling method I'm a fan of. Most chapters use a different artist and it's very much hit or miss. There are a few enjoyable really cartoony ones that fit but then the others are a lot easier to flip through quickly. They also manage to work in a rather unexpected and downright mean (albeit funny) jab at Ray Parker Jr. and quite possibly the cutest picture of Gozer.