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Posted by Pip

MT9- Raspbeeeries

Tobin is a bad, bad man! Maxwell has clearly blocked it out of his mind and gone mad. Stay in your happy place, Maxwell! Stay in your happy place.
So what's the opposite of “Stranger Danger”? Friend Unmend. Family Dangeramily. Pal Foul? I kinda like that last one...

It's a new month but it's February. Bleh. Let's shake our fists at it disapprovingly and the barrel on through.
There weren't any L.U.S.T. winners this month, egads! Sign up to take part and get free Sins stuff!

More interesting searches than last month but nothing too wacky.
“sins comics for the dsi” - Very much yes. Get working on that, N.
“ball and chain whip” - Those things are awesome, aren't they? I harbor a desire to learn how to use a whip but fully know I would end up maiming myself.

And a new month brings a new wallpaper. The Sins know that Lupercalia is for lovers. They just stay away from that whole sacrificing thing. Donate your gold, art, writing, or help out the site to get it.