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Posted by Pip

MT10- Foodness

NOW they have Greed on Lust's side. He was fine off on his own, but when you take his money, you've crossed a line! They're just lucky he's going to totally loot that bar when everybody leaves.
How much fun would it be to walk into a random bar and shout “Ve have ze monies!”.

DDG is rockin' the new month as well and has a new page up. Check it out.

The links for Slug O' War have been added to the Swag page, so if you want to play it, click away!

Quick Review: Phoenix Wright 2: The Miles Edgeworth Files- I'm not usually one to promote fan pairings, but Phoenix and Edgeworth just need to freaking make out already. They're perfect for each other so just do it already. Like with the first book, the different chapters have different artists and the quality varies drastically. Some of the stories are just boring and others get out right insane (the two Nick in a 'fridge pictures are mind blowingly awesome). Miles isn't as funny as Nick so the stories aren't as good as the first book, but it still works as a whole if you're a fan of the games and know the characters.