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MT11- Best Laid Plans Of MiSin Men

It's just rude to interrupt somebody while they're in the middle of a good scheme or plot. Sure Greed would rather just bludgeon the two to get his money back, but sometimes you just have to step aside and let your friend set up a cunning plan involving a noose, a pit, and maybe cake. Pride makes good bait too. She's fast, used to running away, and if things go really bad, something is going to spontaneously combust and that will either set her free or smite her captors.

Quick Review: New Super Mario Bros- It's not that NSMB is a bad game by most means, it's just not a very interesting one. Mario World had better enemies, levels, power ups, heck, it had better graphics and it didn't have to rely on gimmicks like flicking or tilting the controller. You don't even get to keep Yoshi after you beat a level. He's confined to specific areas. This game is just kind of flat. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's boring but the only real motivation I had to beat each level was so I could get to the ghost houses or castles because they were the only stages with any personality. Nothing about it compelled me to find all the collectibles because they felt like cheap ways to extend the game. The Koopa Kids are back and that's fairly awesome in comparison but it's hard to say that Bowser is even the big boss. The real final battle is trying to get the damn Wii to recognize that you're shaking the controller so you don't fall in the lava. The whole ending sequence is just tedious because it's fairly long, there are no checkpoints, you have to watch the same "movie" every time you die, and you don't really do much. You stand still, jump to avoid a fireball, and then hop across some platforms. You're also kicked back to the map every time you die. It's little things like that or how the game describes how to use items every single time you leave a Toad House (despite the fact that there's a huge picture of how to do it on the world map all the time) that add these little annoyances that stack up and prevent you from going with the flow. I hated the new theme song when it showed up in the DS version and it's only more grating now. Kudos have to go out for the new castle music though. It sounds like something out of Zelda and is very dark and atmospheric. Mario's sound effects are downright annoying at this point though. He's had the same few catchphrases that he's drilled into your head and spewed every few seconds for years and I'm just sick of him now. There are also some glitchy sounds that come from the remote when you get an item. It's about 50/50 if the sound will actually play correctly. The game might be worth renting if you're going to go for multiplayer, but for a singleplayer experience, there are far better and more enjoyable platformers out there. Just download Mario World for the VC.