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M14- It Is Not Your Business

Well. I guess that about wraps up this arc, eh? Both Greed and Fortune give the two a seal of indifferent acceptance and who are we to question their judgment? I'm paranoid for starters so that keeps me going, but that may only apply in limited cases.

DDG updated the other day, so check it on out too. Yes, fall for the trap and click that link...
See, paranoia.

A co-worker and I were talking about Alexa ranks the other day so I figured I'd check out Sins's for the heck of it. We are ranked highest in Chile. To the tune of our rank being over ten times lower in Chile in than in the USA (lower is better, the Internet works like golf, apparently). So to the fine people of Chile, we salute you. North America, you have so much to learn.

Quick Review: Dark Void Zero- Much like Bionic Commando Rearmed was to the wretched Bionic Commando reboot, this was far better than the demo made the console version of Dark Void out to be. It has some cheap NES-style design decisions like constantly respawning enemies, enemies that fire as soon as they appear on screen not giving you enough time to move, and making blind jumps (which I know sounds silly given that your character is wearing a jet pack, but there's a delay in activating it that's usually too long to save yourself), but overall, it's a good experience. It has great music, simple controls, and the graphics are spot on. The major problem here is just how short it is. It's only 3 levels long and every stage has the same (very easy) boss. Sure the game is only $5, but the least they could have done was create a new boss for each stage if they weren't going to put more effort into the levels. I hope Capcom eventually learns their lesson and just makes these 2D games and skips out on the 3D versions.
An extra griping mention for the game's connection to Jimmy Fallon. Fallon is, nicely put, a sore on the backside of comedy, so to have a company like Capcom suck up to him just for some cheap publicity is fairly off putting. I would totally accept that kind of biting the bullet to plug your work from a small or independent studio, but Capcom isn't exactly hurting in the realm of money or name recognition.