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MT15- Taking PreSindents Day Off

The weirdness scale is even again! Two for, two against, and one fairly indifferent as long as he's allowed to sleep and maybe gets a pat on the head or two. The against team has the height advantage though. Having Envy on your side doesn't really help in that account.
Hmmm, not only were Lust's schemes thwarted by Fortune not playing along, but now she's taken over the duty of playing cards with Greed. Run, Lust! There's surely a mutiny abound!

It's friend-of-the-show Razii's birthday! Wish her a good one and then beg, plead, and grovel for her to update her comic. Pleeeaaase!

Quick Review: The Wolfman (2010)- Wolfman is kind of cheesy, extremely cliché, and worst of all, absolutely no different from every single werewolf movie ever made. The transformation sequences are gruesome and interesting to watch from a technical viewpoint, but how they occur and what he's like when he's done, it's still just “Yep, that's a wolfman”. They added a lot of blood and gore is all over the place but that's the only real change over, again, every werewolf movie ever made. There's never even really a reason why “wolfman = mindless killing”. Even when transformed and in full on murderfest mode, he demonstrates tact, planning, and rational thought but despite fairly impressive cognitive abilities for a monster in berserker mode, all he does is run around and kill people. It's not like wolves just go around tearing off arms for the heck of it, so why does a half-man and half-wolf absolutely freak out every time? It's hard to tell if Anthony Hopkins is either horribly overacting or if he just decided to say screw it and get this thing over with quickly. The female lead is the only one that gives a decent performance but her role doesn't really amount to much. For the horror aspect, the only “scares” in the movies are just something appearing from off-screen followed by a loud noise. That's a cheap trick and overused when they do it the first few times, but when they're up to the fifteenth time, it's just annoying. The final scare moment during the ending just got giggles from the audience. It's a fairly mindless but ultimately harmless way to waste some time. I had three hours to kill while my car was in the shop so I walked over to the movie theater, this was pretty much the only tolerable thing showing, and it helped me run down the clock. So... mission accomplished, I guess.