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MT18- Gauntlet Gets Thrown Down While Being Worn

Oh! You got “nein”d, sucka'! Weird, powered, and downright rude! And did you see the way they manhandled Sloth? Bad show, bad show. Fight, fight, fight, fight!

I redid the Sins group shirt on Cafepress to reflect the new team/be drawn a might bit better. You can view it at:
As always, if there's a Sins design you want on some merch, let me know!

There's some more random art on the forum too. Nobody ever comments on those though... Feel guilty for that!

Long, How exactly does an undead skeleton without lungs breath fire Review: Trine- Trine is hands down better than almost every disc-based action game I've played for a while. It has a simple but fun story, good writing, interesting abilities, nice music, and great gameplay. It relies heavily on physics and weight, which can occasionally get a bit wonky, but overall the engine works very nicely. It mocks some sword and sorcery cliches but it does so with more of a wink than being in your face about it. Because just about every wizard everywhere knows how to cast a fireball, the wizard in this game instead wants to master an illusion that makes it look like he can cast fireballs because that would impress the ladies more. Your knight starts off as the blustery “for king and castle” type but you quickly come to realize that he's in it for the food and booze. It's a bit disappointing in the enemy department though. Rather than making enemies intelligent or a challenge, there are just a lot of them, yet they still mainly just spawn one at a time. To clear out a group (to make things easier on you and to gain all the upgrades) you kill one, wait a few seconds, another spawns, you kill it, wait, and so forth until they eventually stop spawning and then you can move ahead. The knight's shield can block every attack and once you upgrade his weapon, he can kill all regular enemies in a single shot and the few big enemies in two hits. Enemies are just a nuisance or waste of time rather than a challenge. The controls take a bit to get used to and you're at the mercy of where the game decides to aim the thief's grappling hook (unlike the PC version which gives you more control over it) or how the game interprets your drawings to use the wizard's powers (it's oddly picky about triangles but you can draw a circle and the game will give you so much leeway and turn it into a box). The different character and abilities could have been fairly cosmetic or just provide you different options for bypassing an obstacle, but the game really rewards you for exploring and trying things a different way. In order to max out your characters, you're going to have to get good with all of them, especially the thief. Worms fans that perfected the ninja rope will be pulling off crazy jumps and stunts in no time though. For the most part, it's solid and works well, but you will run into the random and severe bug like falling through objects, the wizard's summons getting stuck in the floor or wall, falling through the stage, enemies standing in the floor, audio overlapping, and some spectacular failures in gravity (granted, some of those are just fun). There's a fairly obvious bug when stacking two objects. The game only checks if the player is touching the object, so you can circumvent that by putting another object between you and the item in question. There are these platforms that collapse when you step on them but if you put a box on the platform and then jump on the box, the platform never collapses. Or, the wizard can't levitate an object he's standing on, but if you stack two boxes, you can levitate the bottom one (because you aren't touching it!) and fly around the stage. If you're feeling super cheap and want to skip a puzzle to get some collectibles, instead of figuring out how to get to it, just have the wizard create a plank and poke the collectible off of its perch. You feel kind of dirty for cheating like that though. You can die during in-game events where you don't have control over your character. The game shows you what buttons open, so while the camera moved away to show me what gate opened, an enemy spawned and just started beating away at my guy and there was nothing I could do. The game's final level is just awful. I'm tempted to say it ruins the package, but that's just slightly an exaggeration. It's just a terrible level and then you don't even get to fight the game's sole boss. He dies in a cutscene with absolutely no interaction from you. For a game with the different play styles for the characters and the good use of weight, physics, etc, they could have made some really interesting boss fights. The boss looks really cool too, so going through that awful level I just kept thinking about how fun the impending battle was going to be, then to see him die in a single hit during a cinema just made it sting that much more. Trine seems to randomly go to on sale on PC and I picked it up during a PSN sale, so there's no problem in waiting for a price drop before you get it, but when that sale hits again, it's well worth your download.
Sins Committed: Buggy, Tedious combat, Bad level design (last level only)
Virtues Acted: Good writing, Good music, Good characters, Good powers, Grappling hooks!, It's my third platinum