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Posted by Pip

MT19- Three Fold Cross Rip

These two have gone from weird to jerks to just plain inconsiderate! The world has feelings too, ya know. It's not too keen on being collapsed in on itself. At least the Sins are finally taking action on the matter. And you know it was totally the addition of Sloth that got things rolling. If anybody out there is going to save the fabric of reality, it's Sloth!

There's yet more random art posted on the forum. Huzzahs all around.

Long, My Jaded Style is strong Review: Muramasa- Take Odin Sphere, strip out all the Norse mythology, replace it with Japanese mythology and give it a better inventory system and you have this game. Unfortunately, where Odin Sphere's setting and style made me willing to overlook the gameplay problems, Muramasa's is another hurdle to get over. Even though it doesn't have quite as many gameplay issues as OS, the story isn't interesting enough to really grab you. Maybe it's just an unfamiliarity with the characters/stories it's based on, but I was hard pressed to find myself caring about the characters or what happened and at times didn't even know WHY things were happening. If you've ever watched a bad kung fu movie, you've no doubt heard characters say lines like "My dragon style can beat your tiger style". Muramasa is completely unironically like that. Most of the dialogue either involves people talking about how invincible and awesome their X style is or how invincible and awesome their sword is. You even meet your foe in almost every chapter and both of you just stand there talking to each other. He never tries to run away and yet, despite the fact that he is spreading lies about you and getting people to hate you and provide constant threats against your life, your character never just stabs him in the face. He's right there having a casual conversation with you. Stab him already and spare everybody the hassle! The difficulty is either easy or hard (or button masher versus tedious blocking and countering, if you prefer). An inbetween where you could still play it as a straight up action game with a little more finesse would have been nice and no matter what setting you choose, enemies take too long to kill. You're bored by the time you knock off a boss's health bar only to find out that you only depleted a sub health bar and that you have to get it to zero five times before it drains the main health bar. Character designs are nice, if more than a bit too in your face with their sexuality, and the graphics are great but it comes at the expense of variety. Maps consist of the same two or three screens repeated a dozen times. A bit cheap but not bad in its own right, but the game is very backtracking heavy on top of that. Chapters consist mainly of running in one direction through three repeated screens, fighting a boss and getting a weapon to break a barrier, then running back through those same three repeated screens (now devoid of enemies and items meaning all you do is hold forward and watch your character walk) to the barrier, breaking it, and moving onto the next scene. When there is some action, the controls are horrible and you can't customize them. You have to press Up to jump, for pete's sake. Moves are all done with various combinations of pressing B, holding B, B while pressing a direction. Control schemes like that tend to lean more towards button mashing because you only use certain techniques when the game absolutely requires them. Why use anything other than your standard attack and the uppercut when they work so well? I beat the game with one of the characters, but I really couldn't muster interest in going through with the second thanks to the unappealing characters and story.
Sins Committed: Bad writing, Bad story, Bad characters, Tedious combat, Backtracking, Hyper-sexualized characters, Bad leveling system
Virtues Acted: Good graphics, Learning that random wild monkeys are the most helpful creatures around