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Posted by Pip

MT21- The Sins Do It Harder

Say whaaat? What is that you saaay? At least we have Fortune to help us out and put a stop to the grand plans of these other Sins. What if they're Sins from a parallel universe!?
Whoops. Lust requires a little creative word bubble placement to keep the comic PG. Secretly Sloth is flipping everybody off too, but you just can't tell because he doesn't have fingers. Don't tell anybody.

New month so let's kick February away looking at any interesting searches that led to Sins:
“chocolate sins” - Eat a Gluttony and blow the Universe's mind!
“pip's sins” - Kind of personal, but I'll say Sloth, Greed, and Anger. Oh so much Anger.

The donation wallpaper this month features the new group shot picture used in the merch store. It's fun to just draw the gang by themselves from time to time. Send in art, writing, help the site out, or donate towards DDG to get it!