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Posted by Pip

MT22- Temp Age-sin-cy

Call back! It's the Vices that stood in for the Sins way back when Murdoch made them the golem bodies (the series with the code H in the archives for those going back). Luxuria was Lust's stand in but the other six had gone nameless until now. Nobody holds a grudge like a semi-immortal demon!
Giving them normal Vice names would have made it more than a bit too obvious who they were, but their names were still clues. Physics fans should recognize “Maxwell” from the Maxwell's demon thought experiment and geeks should recognize “Tobin” from Tobin's Spirit Guide from Ghostbusters. If you're a physics geek, well, just hang your head that you didn't get both of those. This totally counts as educational content!

I did a simple (and downright cheesy) animated opening for Sins. You can view it at:

Thanks to Drury Graham for the song {Runaway} and for sharing it. Download it in full at:

Animating on a computer is so lame. I need to get a lightbox...