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Posted by Pip

MT25- Machiasvellian

The Sins lack of observance and knowledge may have actually paid off here! If they don't even know how these things work, two Vices bent on revenge won't either. And that's why you don't point at people. It's rude and they can snap your finger into bits.
I may have subconsciously called Maxwell that name solely so I could have Tobin yell it in a bad accent. Or unconsciously.
Can you guys see the stars in the comic? I can see them on my computer at home but not on my computer at work, so I'm kind of curious for how it goes for everybody else. I can make them a bit brighter if nobody else can see them. The sky darkening isn't a main effect of the world's imbalance, that's what the lightning/rips are. The imbalance just affects the world in odd ways and a darker than normal night is one of the ways that shows. It must freak out any surrounding civilians with insomnia. If they're still awake to see this, they'll probably worry.

DDG has updated as with. With drama! But fun drama.

It's contest time at Sins again and this time the Virtues are in the spotlight. Modesty: a joke character or hiding something horrible and dark? You decide! Your job is to draw a picture of what Modesty is hiding under that robe and bag. Is it a hideous abomination, something fun, or nothing at all? Winners will be picked based on the idea rather than actual drawing ability, so just because you think you can't draw, that doesn't mean you can't enter. Regular rules apply. Keep it clean, no copyright infringement, don't just put one of your own characters under there, and you give me permission to post the pictures. The entries won't be canon and won't influence the comic at all, so just have fun! There will be three winners and the prizes are:

First prize (pick two)
A commission (of reasonable length and subject to approval, regular rules apply here too)
Sins book download
An ad on Sins for a week

Second prize (pick one)
Sins book download
An ad on Sins for a week

Third prize
Sins book download

If you want to enter, email me a link to where you've posted your entry or the entry itself. I'd prefer it if you emailed so I can keep track of everything easier, but you can post it in the contest's thread on the forum too.
You have until April 1st to submit your entry. Have fun!