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MT26- Between A Rock And A Squishy Place

As much as their minions can plot against them, the Sins can go on and plot right back them.
Awww, Toby does care! Sure it may have taken a few broken bones for him to get there, but he eventually stood up for his pal. That's actually a good way to measure friendship. Pip's Broken Bone Index of Friendosity.

Long, Run it over with a DeLorean Review Braid: Just to blow some minds from the get-go: I did not like Braid. I didn't care for the graphicsor the intentionally vague story meant to give it a false sense of "depth" and the game just stops being fun in world 3. It would have been great if it only used the mechanics of levels 1 and 2 but they ruined it with the other stages. It's rarely hard to figure out what you're supposed to do, but thanks to the controls and having to be exact to the split second, it's not worth the frustration of going through with it. You can spend ten minutes setting up a puzzle only to have it go complete array because your character slipped a little in one direction. Puzzles require some pretty exact platforming but the controls are slippery and if you touch the edge of a platform, you either hump yourself up it or get shot in the other direction. The puzzles may be clever on paper but in motion they're illogical/poorly in effect/just stupid. There's actually a puzzle that by playing the game normally, you prevent yourself from being able to complete the game and there's absolutely nothing that tells you this. If it weren't for the Internet and FAQs, there would only be a handful of people that actually completed the full game. You need to collect every single puzzle piece to beat the game so if there's just one puzzle you can't beat, you just wasted your money on a game where you run left to right with almost zero obstacles. Take THAT consumer trying to enjoy itself! Sucker. I don't understand why anybody would take the time to look into the story's hidden theme. I had no choice but to take the game at purely face value because it's an annoying game poorly made that locked me out of experiencing several worlds or being able to actually experience the story. There's nothing about it that makes me want to sit down and ponder metaphors. You can't make a bad game into a good game just by giving it a message.
Sins Committed: Bad controls, Bad puzzle design, Phony story, Locking players out of content
Virtues Acted: Good music