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MT28- Healthy Conflict Resolution

Oh yeah, Fortune is definitely taking over and this just gives credence to the whole “she flubbed her earlier attempt at destroying Max and Tob on purpose” theory. She failed to drop the rock in time knowing Max and Tob's plan would allow her to defy Lust and take control! I mean, she's pointing and wearing a colorful dress now. A total challenge to Lust's authority! Fortune, she's as diabolical as she is peppy.

There's a new DDG up for you as well. Let it serve as a reminder to vote in the survey.

Long, Chainsaw arm, suckers! Review: Mega Man 10- I had some love for Mega Man 9, but 10 is more of a mixed bag. Some of the stages are keen, others rely far too much on pits and spikes. Nitro Man is one of my favorite bosses but Blade Man ranks up there among the most annoying and the others are all middle of the road. No special power stands out above the rest, most are just slightly modified versions of weapons from games past, but Sheep Man and Commando Man give you two of the most useless weapons the series has seen (and yes, that's taking the Mega Ball into consideration). The only thing that's really just flat out bad is the music. There isn't one memorable theme in the game and this is the first time I can say that I actually dislike the boss music. I can listen to MM2's boss music on a loop but nothing about 10's is exciting or shouts "Boss fight!" like the others'. 9 had awesome music so for this one to fall so flat in this area is a bit of a disappointment. The graphics and stages feel a lot more varied than in 9 and the cinemas look great (even if the ending makes zero sense at all) though. They still haven't fixed the enemies that respawn as soon as they die or you move one pixel away from them and then back and a good 75% of the bosses and larger enemies have no grander strategy than to find ways to slam into you. They're up to 10 in this series alone, you'd figure they could stop taking the lazy route and make it so bosses have to actually attack you to do damage. It's even a devolution in that scenario. Out of the eight bosses in 2, only Quick Man and Flash Man are built around running into you (and Flash Man isn't exactly hard to dodge), but in 10, five (arguably six) of the bosses are designed to run into you and little more. Their attacks are easy to dodge but they keep flinging themselves at you. Mega Man is supposed to be fun despite being hard, not fun because they're hard. Games like 2, 3, and 9 seem to understand that but 10 is just hard for the sake of being hard and is so with very little effort or thought. It's like playing Castlevania 1. Why are there always bats to knock you into pits? Because screw you, that's why. The easy mode is a nice touch but unless you've never picked up a controller before, most parts are just too easy. They went a bit too far into the forgiving territory on that one. The challenge stages are a neat idea, but none of them are all that interesting. The first quarter just teach you the basics of the game and how to use the items, the second quarter just have you go up against a few rooms of certain enemies and you're not allowed to get hurt, and the last half just make you fight all the minibosses and boss without getting hurt. There doesn't appear to be any kind of reward for beating them so it's not really worth the hassle. Proto Man is available from the start of the game but I've never been a fan of him. I liked him better in 3 when he was a teacher/rival, but the only thing he has going for him now is that he can slide and Mega Man no longer can. As always, a bad Mega Man game is still better than most other decent games, but 10 already has the same feeling of "just get it out the door" that the X series personified in X5 and X6.
Sins Committed: Bad characters, Bad powers, Bad level design, Bad music
Virtues Acted: Good graphics, Good controls, Nitro Man gives you a chainsaw arm! I love him so