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Posted by Pip

DF3- Mehnion

See, now THAT is a minion. Happy to serve and he recognizes the honor and glory that comes with being the guy that gets to lug Sloth around.
Olde timey Lust was a jerk! At least she enjoys her job though. Greed too! And he has some honor about it on top of that. The dead just don't put up enough of a fight to make looting them a real conquest.

I'm back from my trip to the East Side and the magical land of New Jersey (in your face, old isle of Jersey). I'm jet-lagged, have absolutely no idea what time it is, reaffirmed my hatred of travel (the TSA confiscated my can of cherry coke, meanies), but good times were had by all. Now to tackle that “To Do” stack that piled up... But that can wait until the morning, which it may very well already be, but meh.