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Posted by Pip

C1- Vorpal Dustbunny

The start of a new saga, hurrah! And our dear little star is a neat freak. Good for her! Cleanliness is a virtue. Just not a Virtue though.
Oh, and her name is “Miranda”. It won’t actually be said in the comic for a while, so I’m just trying to keep you up to date. Not to be confused with forum-going Miranda though, although she uses a different username. How confusing…

There’s also a request for some voice actors on the forums. If you’re interested, please check it out!

And check out the nice bright pink “Swag” tab to the left (you may need to refresh the page). Sins shirts! Woo! I sold three on the first day the link went up! Glee.
And speaking of shirts; want a free one? I’m going to be out of town at the end of the month or in early February, so I can either use up some of my backstock of comics, or we can do a few guest strip days. So send in anything you have, be it fan art, fan comics, or fan macaroni sculptures and the winner will be drawn out of a toque or picked at random. Either way you stand a good chance of winning!