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DF4- More Fun Than A Barrel Of Greeds

Lust's mention of resistance groups shows that they've been encountering the Virtues's minions but they haven't officially met each other yet and don't know where the unruly mobs are coming from. But those of us with the benefit of seeing down the timeline should recognize that armor. That sword looks mighty familiar too. Egads! We're all psychic!

Any stragglers out there with some last minute entries for the Modesty contest, you're juuust about out of time. Send your picture in quick-like!

The results from the DDG survey are mostly in and they're skewing towards the $75 price point. It's still fairly close though so I'm planning on doing a bit of an inbetween. At $50 I was going to do no shading and at $75 I was going to start doing the extra line work Sins has, so with the current results I'm leaning towards $60 with shading but without the extra line work. I'm still getting responses from the donators we all have to thank for the majority of the updates so that may not be the final result. Thanks for all your input!

Quick Review: Repo Men- This had a lot more substance than the action flick I was kind of expecting. There was good acting, fun writing, and a great sound track, but the action was still well done too. The two big plot twists are a bit obvious, but they don't detract from the story as a whole. While it is pretty bloody and lots of people get cut open, the organs are mechanical and the blood is on the cartoony side, so it never feels like it has gone overboard or gets disgusting.