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Posted by Pip

DF5- You Have A Familiar Lack Of A Face

She just wouldn't be a Sin without a mostly unjustified unchecked sense of self-efficacy. And dang but her hair used to be awesome. She can use it to prop herself up, store her weapons, and it probably even picks up loose change on the ground. Maybe I should stop cutting my hair so short.

The Honorable Mentions mentions are in for the Modesty contest. Big thanks to everybody that entered (and to those of you that submitted text entries) and stay tuned for Monday when the finalists are revealed. It's a big file so click the link to see the entries:

It's also a new month, so new donation wallpaper! Pictures all over the joint! The Sins show off that they're on the cutting edge of Internet culture and they're hip. Totally hippy! And groovy. Or whatever it is you kids say.

Your amusing searches leading to Sins for March were:
“dragon commando jackie chan”- Part of me wants that movie to be Jackie Chan leading a bunch of dragons and part of me wants that to be a dragon Jackie Chan.
“closed eye fetish” - Really? REALLY?
“phillip j fry stole my blood” - I could see Bender, the Professor, maybe even Zoidberg, but honestly, why is Fry going to steal your blood?
“giving good hugs” - After the eye fetish, this one just makes me feel good.