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DF6- Just Getting Started Using Her Ass Effort

Lust didn't get get a chance to be caught monologue-ing. That's just rude! Sure, hitting her while she gloats or explains her evil plans is one thing, but to slug her before she even gets the chance to practice her maniacal laugh? Rude!

Sins is posted on another comic directory so I added the vote link on the Links page. Just like with TWC, you can vote daily for us, if you're so kind! And thanks as always to all of you that do vote.

I heard back from the Palace in the Sky team (the guys that run the comic links you see to the left there) and out of all the sites in their network, Sins is rated number 2 in how many hits the system generates! Give yourself a round of applause because that's awesome. Thanks, Slapeggs! Any corporate people out there, give me money and that awesome power could be yours!

And the winners for the What's Modesty Hiding contest aaaarrreee:

First Place Idea: ChesCaHans- I'm a bit of a sucker for machines run by hamsters, so to prevent bias, I has two other judges vote as well and the hamster powered dummy body came out on top. And if you were a robot powered by a rodent, you'd probably want to keep that under wraps.
Second Place Idea: Chris Billot- Modesty being a cute woman was (obviously) one of the most submitted ideas, but what set Chris's apart was how cartoonishly demonic she is. All she's missing is the pitchfork. Her Virtue mark being on her thigh didn't hurt either.
Third Place Idea: Mr. Vorhias- I liked this one because it was one of the few where Modesty was hiding not out of some grand Universal ideal but for its own selfish good. And the Sins versus mobsters would be awesome.
Congrats to our winners and thanks to my judges and everybody that entered. Winners, just send me an email with your prize choices! If you need a reminder, check the forum:

Long, Does this really count as a review? Review: Wondercon 2010- This was my first convention, so I guess the disappointment is partly my fault because my expectations were all wrong. I was expecting lots of artists and writing, showing off new products, demonstrations, etc but it's about 75% people selling stuff. It's like a flea market only slightly more people squeezed into outfits they have no right to wear out of their own homes. If you're a collector, it's a good place to go, but if you're just somebody that likes the medium or is interested in the art, it's kind of a waste of time. Hands down, what made it unappealing was just how crowded it was. Not just crowded, but crowded and disorganized. There are lines cutting across aisles. Lines that didn't seem to have any real purpose. There was a line to enter a drawing for a chance to buy a figurine. They weren't even giving them away. You had to stand in line for the chance to stand in another line later on to buy a figure. I wanted the keen stuff DC was giving away but the line went all the way to the back of the convention center and I sure didn't feel like standing in it. I got into the convention about an hour early and walked around while everybody was setting up and that was one of the best parts. I wasn't supposed to be there but it was either a case of really poor security or bad signage. There was the aforementioned line to stand in line for the figure and then there was an empty line. I naturally took the empty line. Only one person noticed I was there early and he was running a booth, so we had a good laugh about it and I continued to wander about. Star Wars people, please give it a rest. There are 6 bajillion people already dressed up like Storm Troopers. Every gathering of more than 5 nerds doesn't need a Storm Trooper. You aren't being unique, adding anything, and you're just played out. So without the people, it would be keen, right? Unfortunately, a lot of the artwork just looks the same. The same half naked character was plastered across any number of booths just with a different hair color. Using a bikini clad bimbo to grab attention doesn't really work when almost every person around you is doing the same thing. There were some talks I would have been interested in going too, but it wasn't really worth waiting around for them. The most painful moment of the convention: having to explain to somebody who Mel Brooks is. She thought he was Mel Gibson... But hey, I got to play Dead Rising 2 (fun!), got a MM10 poster (thanks, Capcom), got some free comics (thanks, Archaia Studio press), talked with the lady that does Erin Esurance's voice, said hi to the guy that designed Kim Possible, and got a Dexter lanyard (the stabby one, not the science one). Here are some shameless plugs for the cool artists I did get to talk to and that had business cards. And for everybody else, get freaking business cards or at least have a scrap of paper with your website on it. I talked with this artist and (who I'm guessing is) his agent and apparently there's a new Stripperella comic. The guy standing next to me sounded rather disappointed it wasn't X-rated Even though his business card was wrong, he had them and was honest about it Artist for Blazin' Brandy and nice person. One of the few people that was smiling Totally cute Christmas pictures Two nice writers and artists despite the pornographic business card He seemed like a nice guy but nobody was at his booth, so I kinda felt bad He makes keen sculptures out of motorcycle parts. Check out the Alien one They were downright groovy, had a great slogan, and their comic is about a "mild-mannered probabilistic risk assessor". That's just awesome He was looking to do a TV show and was cool about it