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Posted by Pip

DF7- Back That Thing Up

Egads, they're multiplying! And the reinforcements don't even have the decency to be possessed or influenced by the obviously superior Sin. The lady is just trying to do her job and a meeting with the back of your hand isn't really the best way to win new people over.

Given our aforementioned awesomeness with hits, the Palace In The Sky team has made us an offer. If we put an extra ad on the site, they'll give Sins extra advertising elsewhere. It would be a banner ad placed inbetween the navigation arrows/TWC voting link and the comic notes. What do you, dear readers, think about that? Is it worth the obstruction to spread the word of Sin or is that too much? Please let me know what you think by sending me an email, posting on the forum, or speaking up in the chatbox below. I won't move ahead with this until I hear back from you since you're the ones being affected the most.

Quick Review: Clash of the Titans (2010)- It fulfills the adequate/bare minimum ranking needed for a summer special effects film but little more. There are some cool monster designs but the Kraken, the main attraction, is on screen for maybe five minutes tops and in all reality, God of War did the other creatures better. Even if you can overlook the cheesy effects, you're stuck with bad human actors given a lackluster script. Liam Neeson is horrible as Zeus, god of the lens flare. He's a good actor but he was absolutely the wrong choice for the role. Hades is a bit better but the movie makes him out to be so uninteresting that you don't care all that much and your mind starts to wander and reminds you that he totally looks like one of the aliens from Battlefield Earth.