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Posted by Pip

DF8- Helmet Hair

The most shocking revelation of this flashback... Chastity used to have short hair! The horror... She looks good back when she was fresh and full of her resistance movement spirit. Nice and relaxed and doesn't even feel the need to cover her virtue mark. Still kind of pushy though. Labor HAS to be relaxed and new to all this. He even talked before he started wailing on anybody. They should have sprung for the shorter haircuts though. Those bangs don't exactly do wonders for your peripheral vision.

Quick Review: Justice League: A Crisis on Two Earths- Can we just declare it a law that if you have a Batman, Kevin Conroy is required to voice him? Please? Evil Batman though? Jame freakin' Woods. Booyah. Out of all the recent DC animated movies, this one has the best art and animation. There are some really cool designs on the alternate universe versions of the characters, especially the evil Manhunter, even though he's only on screen for like two minutes. The characters in general are really good. They look superhero-esq but they're cartoony enough that they move fluidly during action sequences. The story isn't bad, but it's kind of what you'd expect. Dimension hopping, meeting their evil counterparts, and nobody is all that keen on this. The bad guys have the exact same plan as the bad guys in recent Ninja Turtles movie involving dimension hopping and it kind of made a little more sense in the Turtles version. I like the villain in this story because it's different from the usual fare for these kinds of movies/episodes. He isn't some grandiose megalomaniac, he's very calm and has an aura of "oh screw it". The ending would have been fantastic but they had to tack on one final fight scene and it delved into the DC/Marvel standard that you can solve any problem the Universe has by punching something really hard.