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Posted by Pip

DF10- Rivalry Cavalry

Boom, Envy is awesome. There are advantages to being harder than rock. Of course the fact that you're going to get thrown at your enemies may count as a disadvantage, but at least it looks fun to spectators. And Lust spreads the good word that their new friends aren't quite locals either.

I finished the picture for ChesChaHans for winning the Modesty contest. He requested the main character from his comic doing a little intimidating team up with Gluttony. I don't think he has a site for the comic, but Ches, let me know if I'm mistaken on that.

Quick Review: The Box- Despite some bad actors, The Box is an interesting idea but not worth a whole movie. Since it's so stretched out, you can poke so many holes in the plot and large chunks of it just don't make sense and could have been left out altogether. Oddly, despite all the material just thrown in to fill up time, they don't bother to explain some things that really could have used it. You're best to stick with the original Twilight Zone episode for your murderous cube action.