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Posted by Pip

DF11- Acid Reglutts

Not only our first good look at the original Gluttony, but a grand entrance it is! Saving Greed, beating up Fast, and vomiting out a corrosive acid. What a teammate!
Something that Anger can't stab... Man, that's just going to piss it off even more.

Some random art has appeared in the fan works forum as well.

Quick Review: District 9- D9 is rare sci-fi: It's actually enjoyable. A good story and writing, and the way it's told only adds to the package. Despite being a different take on science fiction, it doesn't just rely only on its presentation but it has engaging creatures and some unique tech for the aliens on top of the story telling. The ending gets a bit effects heavy but since the aliens and their tech are so interesting, I didn't mind it as much as I would have for a movie that had less thought behind it. It's the kind of movie that you watch and you just want to know more. I want more backstory, more characters, and to know where it will go after an unfortunately enormously open ending.