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DF12- Helps With Digestion

Not only do we get Gluttony but we quickly get to see its gimmick too. Unlike Gorging and Craving who thrive on blood and meat, the original Gluttony gets its power just from the act of eating and can subsist on anything as long as it eats enough of it. The downside is that it burns through the energy quickly and needs to keep eating, whereas the girls can go for a while without feeding. Just from a single hit by Labor, Gluttony was already a bit ragged and had a few holes but it's still the team's heavy-hitter.
And man, Content has ALREADY been knocked on her butt. No wonder she went the kind and hugging route. She's a wimp...

It's our good pal and Sins-associate Spiral's birthday today! Wish him a good one and then read his comic. Twice!

Quick Review: Darkstalkers Vol 1 (Udon Version)- The cover art may be horrible but the pages inside are fantastic, so don't let that freaky Morrigan scare you off. Udon always goes overboard with the Photoshop effects but the few moments where it produces a really great panel practically balance the moments where it ruins them, so it's a wash in the end. Unfortunately, the book doesn't really add much to the characters or story. I can't imagine many people buying this that aren't already fans and if you're a fan, you know the characters' backstories already. It's almost a copy of the Viz series from 1999, so it's not going to blow any minds or give you much to think of. Definitely worth a read for fans of the series's characters and world or anybody new to the games that wants to learn the backstories, but if you're in the middle there, you'll be left wanting more. Outside of just a mention, there's no Anakaris or Lord Raptor, but hopefully the second book will have them and some of the newer characters. Just waiting for Jedah. Awesome, awesome Jedah.